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Banner Industries can bring a demonstration system to your location to show Malema’s SumoFlo and Biopharma control pinch valves (BCV). The demo system consists of a 1/8”  SumoFlo flowmeter unit with a transmitter, Biopharma control pinch valves,  peristaltic pump for flow, containers to simulate bio bags, a control box to simulate a process tool, and a computer for running the system. The system displays the accuracy of the flowmeter as it records flow, volume, and density of the liquid. It also shows how the Biopharma control pinch valve operates as it pinches the tubing to control flow utilizing its stepper driven motor. This hour-long demonstration can be arranged at your convenience and location.

Malema designs and manufactures process measurement and control solutions for liquid applications for the single-use bioprocess systems. Malema incorporates groundbreaking state-of-the-art technologies into every instrument including their Coriolis Flow Meters (SumoFlo) and their Biopharma control valves (BCV).

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Malema’s SumoFlo®
Malema’s SumoFlo® CPFM-8100 series Single-Use Coriolis Meter is specifically designed for measuring liquids in biopharmaceutical and other applications that require gamma stable wetted surfaces. The fluid contacting surfaces are made of unreinforced polyether ether ketone (PEEK) that meets USP Class VI, USP 661, and USP 788 standards. Fluid flows into the sensor consisting of two flow-sensitive elements which are vibrated relative to one another similar to the tines of a tuning fork. Fluid interacts with the sensor dynamically in such a way that the sensor’s response is immune to the fluid’s chemical and physical properties, flow regime, or variations in the flow velocity profile. The fluid mass flow rate is determined by measuring the relative motion of the vibrating flow sensitive elements.


  • Malema’s Single-Use Coriolis Flow Sensor requires absolutely NO field calibrations of any type as it comes factory calibrated does not need to be adjusted.
  • Malema Single-Use Coriolis Flow Sensor does not have these pressure drop issues.
  • Malema’s Single-Use Coriolis Flow Sensors measure Mass Flow Rate, Density, Volumetric Flow Rate, and Temperature.  So it offers a lot more by way of features as compared to any other Single Use Flow Sensing technologies.
  • Malema’s Single-Use Coriolis has the highest accuracy of any Flow Sensing Technology in any flow condition and this superior performance results in massive savings to any user.

* = flow rates with slightly higher accuracy

Biopharma Control Valve (BCV)
The Malema Sensors® BCV-980 is a compact, cost-effective, high-performance pinch control valve designed for use with Single-Use flexible tubing systems in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries. The intelligent control valves utilize Malema’s proprietary Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control algorithms that are built into the unit which provides a highly linear flow characteristic. The BCV-980 is an all-electric stepper driven pinch valve thereby simplifying facilitation requirements at user sites. The valve monitors up to four analog signals from external sensors or controllers and modulates the valve position accordingly.  The BCV-980 can accommodate braided, unbraided and double braided tubing in sizes from 1/8” ID to 1.25” ID. When panel mounted, the BCV-980 provides IP65 ingress protection from water.

Unique Benefits

  • All electric pinch valve
    • No CDA (Clean Dry Air)
    • No compressor required
  • Stepper driven motor
    • Precise compression of tubing
    • High accuracy with quick response
    • Position not affected by line pressure
  • Liquid resistant
    • Intrusion protection against water jets
    • Suitable for washdown [IP65]
  • Optical position encoder
    • 80,000 counts per inch of travel

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