On Site Facilities

With 12 locations throughout the US and Singapore, Banner Industries is where you need us to be. Whether it’s on-site or in close vicinity, our locations are strategically planned to align with market and industry trends allowing us to offer a customer-focused infrastructure. We are dedicated to leveraging operational efficiency and proximity to major industry players by providing real-time inventory, knowledgeable technical staff, and a unique approach to systems solutions. As industries continue to evolve and new facilities emerge, we’ll see you there.

Material Resource Integration (MRI)®

Banner Industries leverages both best practices and our extensive past experience to provide a value-added service for aiding tool hook-up. We apply fundamentals of material resource planning to the world of distribution. We have used this approach at four major fab sites and over 5,000 tool installs to date. Our value-added service can be broken down into four primary categories: (1) Engineering specification, (2) material resource planning, (3) drawing take-off, and (4) material allocation.

Our Material Resource Integration (MRI)® Approach

Material Take Offs

Providing material take off services is not unique to Banner Industries, however, our history and proven methodology means that we can do them faster and with more accuracy. Let us analyze the drawings, determine the necessary materials, and develop the bill of materials saving you time and money. Our broad range of top-tier suppliers means that we can simplify your materials acquisition process allowing you to complete tool hook-ups as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.


Tool installation is a complex and sometimes cumbersome process due to the hundreds of components that are required to achieve success. Too often the status quo is to order parts in stages from multiple companies, in multiple locations, with no relation to one another. At Banner Industries, we believe that it’s better to do it once and to do it right. Let our in-house technical experts help with the material take off and we’ll kit the parts based on your specific tool.

We’ve provided kitting services at 4 major fab sites with over 5,000 tool installs. Let us help you reduce the risk of material shortages, minimize errors, maximize labor efficiency, reduce inventory burden, and reduce tool install time overall by taking advantage of the Banner Industries MRI® approach.

Specification Recommendation

Banner Industries strives to go beyond traditional distribution. Our logistics group can rapidly process orders and ship products, but it’s our ability to engage in application, process, and technical discussions at the forefront that truly differentiates us. From prospecting to diagnosing needs to crafting total solutions, our knowledgeable technical staff are here to assist with every detail.

Vendor Managed Consignment Inventories

As part of our MRI® approach, we work with our partners to ensure that our supply can consistently meet your demand. Standardizing suppliers and components across your entire fab not only creates a more efficient procurement process, but also allows us to reduce the risk of inventory and supply chain shortages that impact operational efficiency, cost of ownership, and production costs.

With 12 locations throughout the US and Singapore, Banner Industries has an assortment of inventories that work as a system to meet your material demands. Our reliable methodology helps to forecast your unexpected material needs making our vendor managed inventories a value-add for your tool hook-up efforts.