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Georg Fischer (+GF+)

+GF+ Piping Systems develops, produces, and markets a comprehensive range of piping systems, valves, components and fusion technology in a variety of materials used worldwide to transport water, gases and aggressive media. Delivery of the products – whether fittings, valves, measurement and control technology, pipes or jointing technologies – is always fast, flexible and dependable.

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Evans Components

Evans is a leading manufacturer of innovative, high quality quarter turn valves, hook-up stick assemblies, manifolds and piping systems for PCW (Process Cooling Water), CFOS (Clean For Oxygen Service) grade utility gases, and UHP (Ultra-High Purity) gases. We serve the Semiconductor, Flat Panel, Solar, and Biopharmaceutical industries. Evans Components is part of the Pyramid Group with Carten Controls and Dockweiler.

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Carten Bellows Valves & Diaphragm Valves | Banner Industries


Carten Controls - part of the Fujikin group - designs, manufactures and supplies high-performance valves and flow solutions for ultra-high-purity systems. Our valves are utilized in a wide variety of applications and systems. These include bulk gas delivery, lateral distribution systems, purifiers, filter-skids, purifiers, valve manifold boxes (VMBs) and valve manifold panels (VMPs), gas panel, hook-up and gas cabinet applications. Carten valves and custom built flow solutions are used in the high-tech and demanding industries of the semiconductor, LED, photovoltaic, laboratory, LCD and fiber optics sectors.

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