Brooks Instrument

Since 1946, starting as a single instrumentation company, Brooks Instrument has been a global leader in the market with groundbreaking fluid measurement and control technologies. Process control is the key to taking your production beyond ordinary and achieving new levels of performance. To control any process, you must first measure it precisely. This is what makes Brooks Instrument the global leader in precision fluid measurement and control technology. They enable precision process performance and deliver results that consistently create a competitive advantage for customers.

Product Line Highlights

  • Thermal Mass Flow Controllers (MFC’s)
  • GF Series
  • Vacuum Capacitance Manometers (CDG’s)
  • CMC and Xactorr Series
  • Variable Area Flow Meters (VA Meter) / Mass Flow Meters

Primary Industries

  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Medical
  • Semiconductor


Semiconductor Product Overview

Brooks Instrument

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