Mott Corporation is the gold standard for high performance filtration and flow control applications.  Their products are at the forefront of technology in a wide variety of markets including microelectronics, life sciences, clean energy, and space exploration.  Mott’s expertise in engineering filtration and flow control solutions includes an extensive metal alloy selection for the toughest operating conditions including high temperatures and pressures for critical applications.  They offer industry leading bulk gas, integrated gas system and point-of-use gas filters, as well as flow restrictors, gas diffusers, spargers and a wide range of unique and custom solutions.

Product Line Highlights

  • GasShield® Point-of-Use Filters
  • GasShield® Surface Mount Filters
  • GasShield® Bulk & Utility Filter
  • GasShield® Gasket Filters
  • High Purity Flow Restrictors
  • GasShield® Diffusers
  • Micro Spargers for Bioreactors
  • Quick Change Spargers for Bioreactors
  • High Purity Gas Purifiers

Primary Industries

  • Microelectronics –  Data Storage, LED & Fiber Optic, Semiconductor
  • Life Sciences – Healthcare, Pharmaceutical
  • Energy – Solar and Energy
  • Food & Beverage
  • Industrial – Chemical processing, Process Control, Monitor & Safety
  • Oil & Gas (Petroleum & Petrochemical)
  • Aerospace & Space Exploration




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