Niche Fluoropolymer Products, formally AMETEK, is the leading solutions provider for extremely corrosive and ultrahigh purity applications. FPP products include fluoropolymer tubing, pipe, immersion coils and shell and tube heat exchangers. They have over 55 years of fluoropolymer experience and an extensive global installed base in a broad range of applications.

Niche fabricates products for heating, cooling and distribution of chemicals with no corrosion, fouling, contamination or interaction with the process media. By minimizing maintenance requirements and maximizing service life, Niche’s products help lower costs, improve operational reliability, and maintain heating/cooling efficiency.

Product Line Highlights

  • Fluoropolymer Tubing
    • Single Wall – FEP, PTFE, PFA, and TEFZEL
    • Dual Containment – PFA Inner, PFA or FEP Outer Containment
    • Custom Products – PFA C-980 Static Dissipating, THV-220G Highly Flexible Tubing, Dual Bonded Tubing
  • Fluoropolymer Pipe
    • FEP and PFA Pipe – 10′ or 20′ Lengths, Sizes up to 3-1/2″
  • Immersion Heat Exchangers
    • R500 Reactor Coil Heat Exchanger – FEP, PFA, PVDF and Q-Series
    • Minicoil Heat Exchanger – FEP, PFA, PVDF, and Q-Series
    • D500 and QD500 Slimline Coil Heater Exchanger – FEP, PFA, and Q-Series
    • Model 100, 168, 280 Supercoil Heat Exchanger – FEP, PFA, and Q-Series
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
    • 3″ PV-4 Series Heat Exchanger – FEP, PFA, and Q-Series
    • 4″ 30-Series, Mid-Sized Heat Exchanger – FEP, PFA, and Q-Series
    • 10″ 30 Series, 218, 525 and 1000 Model Heat Exchanger – FEP and Q-Series

Primary Industries

  • Industrial
  • Semiconductor

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