Banner Industries Adds Pump Repair and Rebuild to Value Added Services

November 28, 2016

Banner Industries is proud to announce the addition of a newly constructed cleanroom in our Hillsboro, Oregon facility. The cleanroom is part of a larger agreement with our partners at Trebor International for Banner Industries to become an authorized Signature Service Provider (SSP) for Trebor high purity pumps. As an SSP, Banner Industries is authorized by Trebor to perform repairs, rebuilds, and service on Trebor products outside of the Trebor Factory. The company-wide program will focus on pump repair and rebuild for West Coast customers initially, but will ultimately include our customers nationally. The services provided will include pump tear down, total evaluation (including recommendation on whether to repair or buy new), and factory certification of proper rebuild and warranty.

The primary goal of this program is to provide a greater service to our customers by improving total turn-around time for product maintenance and repair. “To allow Trebor to focus on manufacturing the pumps of today and engineering the pumps of tomorrow is a gift that we are happy to give,” says Chris Buck, Western Regional Manager at Banner Industries. “This is a critical service for us to offer and an investment that we know will benefit Trebor and our customers in an immediate way. Our certification and status as a factory approved service center is a crucial piece in the supply chain.”

Banner Industries | Authorized Signature Service Provider for Trebor High Purity PumpsBanner Industries and Trebor International have worked hand in hand throughout the entire program’s development including multiple on-site visits for evaluation and training at both our Oregon office and their headquarters in West Jordan, Utah.

“It is our pleasure at Trebor to award our valued partner Banner Industries with their inaugural Signature Service Provider certification,” says Nick Rose, North America Regional Sales Manager at Trebor.  “This certification solidifies Banner as a direct extension of the Trebor factory, ensuring that our mutual customers will receive the integral support required in the requalification of Trebor products in the aftermarket.”

The program is further proof of the value add that Banner Industries provides and is a testament to the faith that Trebor has in us as a partner. “Banner Industries has always demonstrated a commitment to close collaboration with our partners,” says Nigel Wenden, President at Banner Industries. “It is a commitment that is deeply engrained in our company culture and is evidenced by the exceptional relationships we foster with our partners and our customers each day. Our team is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities toward this effort – the latest of which comes out of our Northwest office – and we are excited to see this development come to fruition. We are delighted at the opportunity that this presents for us, Trebor, and most importantly our customers.”

About Banner Industries

Banner Industries is a privately held company and leader in flow component distribution for high purity and industrial manufacturing. Our complete synergistic product line and expert technical team enable us to serve a number of diverse industries including semiconductor, life sciences, pharmaceutical, solar and associated markets. Led by CEO, Bud Richard, Banner Industries collaborates with partners and customers to find solutions that improve productivity and profitability.

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Tina Cipara
Marketing & Communications Manager

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