Banner Industries Signs Partnership Agreement with Matheson for Nanochem® Gas Purifiers

September 1, 2019

Banner Industries is pleased to announce a new nationwide partnership with MATHESON for their Nanochem® Gas Purifiers product line effective September 1, 2019. MATHESON Nanochem® provides unprecedented purification solutions serving a wide range of industries including semiconductor manufacturing, LED production, energy processes, welding, and many more.

Nanochem® Gas Purifiers combine gas-specific purification media and ultra-high purity hardware to create an array of comprehensive solutions for source, point-of-use, bulk and proximate purification requirements. Nanochem® Gas Purifiers offer the highest lifetimes and the best efficiencies for gas impurity removal.

Nanochem® purifiers offer a number of benefits, such as reduced equipment downtime and protection against fluctuations in gas supply quality and upstream system upsets. MATHESON has one of the most extensive, in-house evaluation laboratories in the industry, which includes “live gas” testing to ensure purifiers meet or exceed performance specifications in the specific process gas for which they are marketed. This extensive evaluation helps to ensure that components selected for Nanochem® purification products are of the highest quality available.

“The MATHESON Nanochem® Gas Purification product line is preceded by their excellent brand recognition as a leading, first-in-class technology whose production lifetimes well exceed other market players,” says Nigel Wenden, President at Banner Industries. “With the addition of MATHESON’s Nanochem® gas purification systems, we can provide high purity gas solutions from fab construction all the way through to cleanroom tools with next generation EUV.”

“Banner is exactly the type of high quality, high integrity, strategic partner for MATHESON to help expand our business,” says Robert Torres, Vice President & General Manager of Frontier Purification Technology at MATHESON. “The Banner team are industry veterans who are highly experienced and bring technical know-how regarding purification. Our customers will immediately benefit from the additional resources, technical depth, and superb customer service that Banner has consistently demonstrated.”

About Banner Industries

Banner Industries is a privately held company and leader in flow component distribution for high purity and industrial manufacturing. Our complete synergistic product line and expert technical team enable us to serve a number of diverse industries including semiconductor, life sciences, pharmaceutical, solar and associated markets. Led by CEO, Bud Richard, Banner Industries collaborates with partners and customers to find solutions that improve productivity and profitability.

Banner Industries products are distributed through our 12 locations in the U.S. and Asia Pacific. For additional information, visit our website at

Tina Cipara
Marketing & Communications Manager

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