Banner Industries Sponsors Annual Walk for Water Event

September 25, 2019

We were beyond proud to sponsor and participate in the annual GF Walk for Water fundraiser this past weekend. This year’s event was a global effort with two in the US, two in Europe, and one in Asia raising over $500K total for Water Mission. These funds are enough to provide safe, clean water for 20,000 people…for the rest of their lives! The water distribution systems put in place by Water Mission, which utilize GF pipes, fittings, and valves, directly shorten the distance that people have to walk to access safe water.

“Banner Industries is extremely proud to partner with a company whose products are being used to improve the lives of people all over the world,” says Bud Richard, CEO at Banner Industries. “The Walk for Water event was a great opportunity to show our support and to work together for such a noble cause. The initiative to improve the staggering problem of safe drinking water is one that we are honored and privileged to contribute to.”

The team at Banner Industries looks forward to participating in next year’s event. For more information on the Water Mission initiative or to participate in a walk near you, please visit their website at

Banner Industries Sponsors GF Walk for Water Fundraiser

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