Banner Industries Signs Partnership Agreement with Veeco for Gas and Vapor Delivery Systems

October 1, 2019

Banner Industries is pleased to announce a partnership with Veeco Flow Technologies for their gas and vapor delivery systems effective October 1, 2019. Veeco’s Piezocon Gas Concentration Sensor and gas mixing system technologies significantly reduce production costs by allowing manufacturers to purchase lower-cost, higher concentration gases and then dilute them at point-of-use with precise and efficient accuracy.

The mainstay of Veeco’s gas and vapor delivery technology is their Piezocon Gas Concentration Sensor which allows for tightly controlled delivery of process gases and chemical vapors. With over 5,000 installations worldwide, the Piezocon Gas Concentration Sensor has proven repeatability to accurately monitor and control chemical precursor vapors and dopant gases in CVD and MOCVD process tools in real-time. The Piezocon integrates with the process tool and works hand-in-hand with the mass flow controller to consistently provide feedback and corrections to flow rate, which makes it the ultimate team player.

“Veeco’s gas mixing technology perfectly aligns with our current best of breed fab products, which allows us to further enhance our support at the tool level,” says Nigel Wenden, President at Banner Industries. “Our ability to service this area of the fab is increased with each new addition to our product line, but exponentially so with the addition of Veeco’s revolutionary technology and the synergy it provides for our existing offering.”

“Banner’s presence in the fab has significantly increased over the last several years thanks to partners like Brooks, VAT, and Greene Tweed. Each of these lines has a culture, similar to Veeco, of engineered solutions and systematic approaches to problem solving that are efficient and long-lasting,” says Josh Payne, Central Regional Manager at Banner Industries. “The technical sales team is excited to build upon these successes and provide an even more valuable service and greater return on investment with the addition of Veeco’s complementary technologies.”

There are many benefits for Piezocon sensing technology including savings in gas and materials as well improved process specs and yield, which will no doubt provide a considerable impact as the future of the semiconductor industry continues to grow and mature. The integration of Piezocon sensing technology provides tighter process management and increased tool uptime, allowing tool owners to focus their energies on developments of the future.

“As our industry evolves, fab and OEM customers seek to add features to existing technology nodes using new materials. We feel the Piezocon is well positioned to help enable this evolution by addressing concentration delivery repeatability of the new materials being introduced. In order to get this technology into the right customers hands, we feel we have found the best partner in Banner Industries,” says Ray Morgan, Product Line Director at Veeco Flow Technologies. “They are not only co-located with the top industry players, but their professionalism and desire to solve customer issues aligns succinctly with our culture at Veeco.”

About Banner Industries

Banner Industries is a privately held company and leader in flow component distribution for high purity and industrial manufacturing. Our complete synergistic product line and expert technical team enable us to serve a number of diverse industries including semiconductor, life sciences, pharmaceutical, solar and associated markets. Led by CEO, Bud Richard, Banner Industries collaborates with partners and customers to find solutions that improve productivity and profitability.

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Tina Cipara
Marketing & Communications Manager

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