Cobetter Filtration

Founded in 2003, Cobetter is an international company headquartered in Hangzhou, China with over 1500 employees and nearly 100,000 square feet of filtration production area clean room space. With over 1,200 products and 100-patented technologies, Cobetter has developed a full product range composed of core materials with unique performance capabilities. Cobetter has implemented extensive quality control methods throughout their entire manufacturing process for their filtration products. These measures ensure the products are high quality, stable, and reliable in accordance with ISO 9001, 13485, 14001, and OHSAS 18001 standards. One of Cobetter’s core competencies is their membrane technology which they develop and manufacture in-house.

Product Requests

We have a selection of filtration products on our e-commerce website, but there are many more options available. If you’re looking for something specific, tell us about it here.

Product Line Highlights

  • Cartridge Filters
  • Capsule Filters
  • Depth Filters
  • Membranes
  • Filter Housings



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