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High Purity

FFA or PTFE lined filter stainless steel housing are needed for high purity applications or aggressive chemistries that would degrade raw stainless steel or other plastics. The use of these housings are critical in industries like microelectronics where the purity of the chemistry is critical in making the intricate circuitry that is only nanometer on the semiconductor chips.

ProductHousing MaterialConfigurationInternal FilterApplications
PFA or PTFESSSingle RoundMulti Round222Liquid
Fluorolink PFA →
H-CPF PTFE Coated Filter →

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Lab Testing

Membrane filter holders are utilized for small scale testing in laboratory evaluation of the filtration media or filtered product. The membrane can be utilized to simulate small scale testing for larger processes or test products for particulate evaluations.

ProductHousing MaterialInternal FilterApplications
SSMembrane DiscLiquid
H-DMF Membrane Holder →
H-TMF Membrane Holder →
H-DMF-T Membrane Holder →
47mm PPF Holders →
Vacuum Manifold →
Glass Holder →

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Gas or Vent Filtration

Gas filtration provides efficient reliable particle removal of high purity gas and air to critical process tools. Cobetter makes stainless steel filter housing for venting and pressurized systems that are essential for current manufacturing technologies. They are designed to meet todays gas processes for high and low flow applications.

ProductHousing MaterialConfigurationInternal FilterApplications
SSSingle Round222226DOELiquidGas
H-VCF Vent →
H-VCF II &III Vent →
H-HCF Gas Filter →
H-HCF II Gas Filter →
H-CCF Single Round →
H-CCF Machined Head →

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