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OEM Devices

OEM Filter devices are needed for new developing technology that pushes the limit of patent care. New medical devices are being developed to meet the unique needs of new medical developments and filtration is often key to success of those procedures. Filtration products have to be designed to meet the needs of the OEM tool and protect the patent and tool for future use. Filters have to be designed to meet the application, tested to work properly, validated to meet requirements, and 100% tested so they word every time when installed in to a medical device.

ProductMembraneMain Construction MaterialAvailability ConfigurationApplicationsGrade
PPPESPTFEPVDFSpecialtyPPSpecialtyCapsuleDisc filterLiquidGasSterilizing
ePTFE Venting Solutions →
POU Shower →
VOC Gas →
Surgical Smoke(Carbon/ULPA) Gas →
Sintered Porous PE →
Disposable Vacuum →
Non Filter
ArrayForce →

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Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy deals with the intravenous introduction of fluids into a body. These fluids need to be filtered to be safe for the recipient. The liquid also needs to be purged from gas bubbles that can get into the liquid that might cause issues if injected. IV filters can both filter the liquid and purge the gas to make it safe.

ProductMembraneMain Construction MaterialAvailability ConfigurationApplicationsGrade
PESPTFEPVDFAcrylicDisc filterLiquidGasSterilizing
ePTFE Venting Solutions →
IV →

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Water Filtration

Water is critical in the medical field so we need to filter out the potentially harmfull bacteria and particles to verify that it safe to use. Water is used to clean, rinse, dilute chemicals, and in medication. So medical filters for water are needed to filter and purify to meet todays clean water standards.

ProductMembraneMain Construction MaterialConfigurationApplicationsGrade
PPPESPTFEPVDFNylonSpecialtyPPHDPECapsuleCartridgeDisc filterLiquidGasSterilizingBio-Burden Reduction / Clarification
POU Shower →
Duredunty →
MultiPoly →
Sterile Syringe →
Unichro Syringe →
IC Syringe →
HP Syringe →
GWQ Groundwater →

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Vacuum/Vent Filtration

Vacuum or vent filters allow for the protection of people and equipment. For vacuum filters they filter the air from locations that have potential pollutants that could cause damage and/or contaminate the vacuum pump rendering it as a source of contamination for future use. Vent filters allow protection from incoming or outgoing air to protect the process fluid in tanks or containers from outside contamination. The filters acts ask a barriers to protect the sterility of the process fluids and equipment. It is critical in medical applications to keep separation but allow air to flow.

ProductMembraneMain Construction MaterialConfigurationApplicationsGrade
PPPESPTFEPVDFSpecialtyPPSpecialtyCapsuleCartridgeDisc filterHousingLiquidGasSterilizing
ePTFE Venting Solutions →
Surgical Smoke(Carbon/ULPA) Gas →
Autoclave Vent →
Membrane Disc →
PM 2.5 Air Monitoring →
Capsule Air →
Ascle Filtration Funnel and Unifit Manifold →
Disc Vent →
GWQ Groundwater →
S58 →
Disposable Vacuum →
Vacuum Manifold →
Glass Filter Holder →
H-DMF Membrane Filter →
H-TMF Membrane Housing →
H-DMF-T Housing →

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