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Knight Corporation

Knight Corporation, founded over a quarter century ago, still holds to their founding principle that customer satisfaction must be a top priority. Over the years they have improved manufacturing processes and expanded their technical expertise to keep pace with the changing needs and demands of customers. Their technical service staff is the most knowledgeable in the industry, by continuing to search for new media and filtering techniques to increase customers efficiency and lower filtration costs.

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Mott | Banner Industries


Mott Corporation is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality porous metal filtration and fixed fluid control devices across a multitude of markets, including semiconductor, chemicals, life science, and food & beverage. Mott offers industry leading porous metal bulk, integrated gas system, and point-of-use gas filters, as well as, flow restrictors, gas diffusers, spargers, and a wide range of other unique and custom solutions.

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Banner Industries | Matheson Nanochem Gas Purifiers

MATHESON Nanochem® Gas Purifiers

Nanochem® Gas Purifiers combine gas-specific purification media and ultra-high purity hardware to create an array of comprehensive solutions for source, point-of-use, bulk and proximate purification requirements. Nanochem® Gas Purifiers offer the highest lifetimes and the best efficiencies for gas impurity removal.

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Banner Industries | Cobetter

Cobetter Filtration

Cobetter is one of the leading global innovators of filtration solutions including but not limited to microporous membranes, pleated filter cartridges, filter capsules, UF modules, stainless steel filters, coalescing separators, and customized filtration systems. Cobetter has implemented extensive quality control methods throughout their entire manufacturing process for their filtration products. These measures ensure the products are high quality, stable, and reliable in accordance with ISO 9001, 13485, 14001, and OHSAS 18001 standards.

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Banner Industries | Porvair Filtration Group


Porvair Filtration Group's TEM product line offers products in Teflon®, stainless steel, and nickel filter mediums that are economically priced, have high efficiency, and low-pressure drops. Their flexible and streamline manufacturing processes allows for customization and non-standard applications for gas delivery systems. This streamline manufacturing allows for some of the shortest lead times in the industry.

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