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Hydraulics and Lubrication

Hydraulic filters are critical to extending the life span of your system. Contamination in the lubrication or hydraulics oils result in over half of equipment failure. It is critical to use the correct filters and replace them on a preventative maintenance schedule. Cobetter can provide comprehensive oil analysis which can help identify the correct oil purification equipment required.

ProductMembraneMain Construction MaterialAvailability ConfigurationApplications
Glass FiberCellulosePlasticPPMetalCartridgeLiquid
WX Economic →
RF →

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High Temp / Viscosity Cartridges

For high temperature or highly viscous chemicals it is important to choose a filter strong enough to handle these conditions. The material needs to be compatible with the chemistries being used and also able to handle elevated temperatures. The three dimensional pore structure should be strong enough to not compress with high viscous chemicals being forced through the medias pore structure. A properly designed and specified filter is imperative for these types of applications.

ProductMembraneMain Construction MaterialAvailability ConfigurationApplications
Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS)MetalNylonPlasticMetalCartridgeLiquidGas
PSSF Pleated SS Felt →
PSSC Pleated SS Felt →
CSSC Cylindrical SS Sintered Wire Cloth →
SSPS Sintered Stainless Steel Powder →
TIC Titanium Metal Powder →
150PPS Filter →
PPS Filter →
SuperNylon Melt Blown →

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Degassing or Injection Contactors

Degassing or Injection Contactors are designed to remove or inject gas from a liquid solution. Hollow fibers are utilized in these units to increase surface contact area. This contact area is critical for the efficiency of the units. Vacuum is used on the inside of the hollow fiber tubes to pull gas from the liquid that is flowing on the outside of the tubes, resulting in degassing the liquid. If the unit is pressurized with gas, the gas is injected/aeriated into the liquid as it flows through the units.

ProductMembraneMain Construction MaterialAvailability ConfigurationApplications
ArrayForce →

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Filter housings for industrial applications come in all forms and sizes that are needed to meet chemical and flow requirements. The use of filter housings in industry is critical to producing clean products for the consumer or process that it is in. Cobetter has several industrial filter housings to choose from and they can customize to your needs.

ProductMain Construction MaterialAvailability ConfigurationApplications
H-CSD Lenticular Filter →
H-GCF Gas Filter →
H-GCF II Gas Filter →
H-CPF PTFE Lined Filter →
H-CCF Single Round Industrial →
HCP Resin →
H-SICF Industrial Multi-Round →
H-HF150 High Flow Industrial →
H-FRP Filter →
H-MBF Bag Multi-Round (Side In/ Bottom out) →
H-EMBF Bag Multi-Round (Side In/ Side Out) →
H-LMBF Bag Multi-Round (Bottom Inlet/Outlet) →
H-TBF Single Round Bag (Top In, Bottom Out) →
H-SBF Single Round Bag (Side In, Bottom Out) →
H-EBF (Side In, Bottom out) →

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