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Sterile Liquid Filtration

Sterile Liquid filtration is critical for the pharmaceutical process in the manufacturing of drug components. The use of sterilizing grade filters in the final stage of the manufacturing process allows for a microorganism free solution. The filters need to be validated by bacterial challenge testing and subjected to a 100% non-destructed integrity tested to meet the regulatory compliance in a aseptic processing environment.

ProductMembraneMain Construction MaterialAvailable ConfigurationGrade
PPPESPTFEPVDFNylonGlass FiberPFAPPPVDFCapsuleCartridgeMiniSterilizingBio-Burden Reduction
SuperDura →
DureDunty →
SterisPS →
DN66T →
DN66TC →
DN66PC →
FluoroPV →
TeflonFlow →
StarCaps →
Mini Filters →
LUPW Lab →
Purcise →
Corevital →
Corevital APB →
Aegivast →
SafeSure →

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Liquid Prefiltration or Bio-Burden Reduction

Prefiltration and Bio-burden reduction filters are utilized to minimize the amount of particulate matter or bacteria living in the solutions that is being filtered. This reduction of this material allows for longer life of the final filters that are typically tighter and at a increase costs. The use of these filters acts as a cost savings process to protect the final filters from the larger particles or masses that would prematurely plug the filter. The throughput of the systems also increases because of these filters take the load of the larger particles off the final filters. Prefilters or Bio-burden reduction filters are recommended in the part of the process where 100% of the retention of contaminates above their rated pore size is not required.

ProductMembraneMain MaterialAvailable ConfigurationGrade
PPPESPTFEPVDFNylonGlass FiberSpecialtyPPCapsuleCartridgeMiniDiscSterilizingBio-Burden Reduction
Advanlife →
MultiPoly →
PoliFlow →
Absoguard →
Carbon Block Filter→
GlassFlow →
StarCaps →
Mini Filters →
Safetect PME →
Clariap & Roheap →
Greclary →
Excesal →
Polyrolled Depth →

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